Monday, June 29, 2009

Convention in Canberra 2009

Well I was lucky enough to get a little break away earlier this year & got to go to the Stampin' Up! Convention. Even though Michelle couldn't come with me as she was unwell, she told me I had to have a wonderful time anyway. So of course I did as I was told.. *GRIN* But I really did miss her heaps. If you start saving now it is definitely worth going next year. Next year it is going to be held in Sydney.

I will put up a few photos I took at Convention but firstly I would like to put this photo up. It may not mean a lot to others but it means an awful lot to me. I will post some more photos this week for you to look at.

So you may be wondering who are these people??? Well if it was not for these two lovely & generous people I would not have been able to go to convention at all!! Their names are Brenda & Chuck. Basically they let me stay with them before & after the Convention. Chuck picked Brenda & I up from the airport & Brenda took me back to the airport to come home to Michelle. They made me fell so welcome & at home it was just a wonderful experience. Basically I have made two friends for life. (plus of course many other friends I made at Convention, but I am telling you the relevance of this picture to me. Thanks so much Brenda & Chuck!!! xo

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well I am Finally Back Hopefully Long Term This Time!!!

Hi Everyone
I am finally back in the world of stamping & scrapping. I am so sorry it has been so long since you have all heard from me. But as many of you know my wife Michelle has not been that well for a very long time. Well she finally had an operation that should improve things a little for her. Which is FANTASTIC.

This also means we will be able to update the blog at least once if not more (we are hoping for many more) per week. Like every second day. But for now we will just say once a week.

You will notice that there will be a few changes made to the blog as well during the next month as we try our hardest to make it nice & user friendly.

Please sign up for our newsletters if you wish & the updates as well.

We are really looking forward to getting back into what we love doing so much.
Hopefully tomorrow there will be either a tutorial or something put onto the site. YAYYYY FINALLY it is all going to start happening.

Well we both wish you all well & will catch up with you all much more often. FEEL VERY FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS AS WELL.

Until tomorrow

Take Care & Happy Stamping & Scrapping
(Martyn & Michelle Munro)