Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well this is the time of year we usually attend an annual Stamp Camp at Port Sorell in Tassie. But due to some changes this year it ended up being at Moriarty Hall for just the day. But it was still a good day.. It went from 9am till around 7.30pm. So everyone (I hope anyway) still had a great time.

(Me trying to look that I know what I am talking about... (GRIN)
This is the first major event that I have actually done.... Yes I was asked to actually be the demonstrator for this camp, which was a great honor. But I was quite nervous as well, due to the fact that I wasn't as organised as I would have liked to have been. (Due to what has been happening with Shell), But sometimes you cannot control everything & these things are sent to test us.. Well test me it did!!! But I think everyting went quite well. And the one sheet wonders were a hit. Everyone there got them made which is a first for some people that go to this camp every year, I won't mention names...... but usually they get 1 or 2 cards made if they are lucky..... (definately not 10 or more)!! Big wave to those who know exactly who I am talking about..... *VBGRIN* So that was an added bonus.

The only downside was Shell in a wheelchair & Melissa on crutches (yes they looked like twins especially when Michelle was on her crutches, which wasn't for very long at all), you would never have imagined that two great firends would be incapacitated in a similar way at the same time. But they still manages to have a good time. But Melissa was a bit iffy about Michelle's driving skills as everytime she went passed Melissa she would hit her in some way or form.... So if it was me I would be like don't come near me cause you keep hitting me!!! hehehehehe can you picture it!! *GRIN* But as they only could they joked about it all day..

Then Michelle discovered that the hall was on a bit of a slant, mainly one end... each time she went up to the back of the hall her wheelchair would take off & end up rolling into the wall.. This was quite amusing.... so of course she had to show everyone that the floor was uneven.... Yes you would never have guessed that she was actually there to be my helper.. *VBGRIN* She had not thought about putting the brake of the wheelchair on until I suggested it... Well that was an even bigger crack up!!!! hahahahaha.

But seriously I think it went really well & everyone seemed to have a good time. Which in the end is the thing that counts the most. I had fun sharing with everyone what I love to do so what else can I ask for..

I have added a few photos of the people that were there but you always get the ones who manage to sneak off as soon as they see a camera!! mmm Michelle is usually one of them *GRIN* Hope everyone went enjoyed the One Sheet Wonders that I taught them to do. I know I enjoyed creating them..
Mart xo

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