Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our New Tiny Beautiful Grandaughter & Card Tutorial to come...

YAYYY she has finally arrived (well she is now 2 weeks old), time flies when your having fun!! Naomi & Steven named her Sophie (Sophie Rose). Its funny how they had other names picked out but when she was born she just didn't suit those names they had picked. She definately looks like her mum! Especially her hair.. *GRIN* Well here are some pictures to show her off to you all.

The picture on the right are Sophies Great Grandparents (well one lot of them anyway) so they will be Nanna Murray & Poppy Murray. They look so proud, don't they!! So I will be Poppy & Michelle will be Nan. Sophie already has a huge family... (Well I thought that photo was saved but it has now disappeared... NOT HAPPY!!

Here is a picture of Sophie by herself. These are the only two photos that we did not loose as I already had part of this email saved to the actual Blog. Where as all the others were just saved in Publisher being edited. Oh well at least we have a couple of Photos at the moment. Still can't believe they are all gone!! Oh well no doubt we will get lots more photos & be able to start doing some SU Scrap Pages to Post. The main thing is Sophie is Healthy & Happy & so are Naomi & Steven.

Well we now have 5 Grandchildren. Love them all to bits. Still have some photos that we had saved on disc of the other 4 (Mia, Taia, Chloe & Zac). So look out for some more Scrap pages of them in the near future & of course some lovely card creations. Just have to photograph them all again. We will get there.

Tomorrow night I am hoping to post a few of the latest card creation I have done & a small tutorial on a very popular card that I have been making a lot of for the past 8 months. People love it as you can resize it to whatever you want. The actual tutorial will be on the first size that I did. Which you actually get 2 cards from an A4 sheet. Well I shall leave you all in suspence of this one.

Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'
(Martyn & Michelle Munro)


Kim said...

Wow Martyn, she's soooo cute! Congratulations to you all!

Jean said...

What a gorgeous little bundle of pink!!! I have five grandchildren, only one little girl and she is in Sydney so I rarely see her! So sorry to read about your computer! I will keep a look out for your card tutorial - sounds so very interesting.

Cheers, Jean